I have purchased 3 paintings from Heidi, 2 commissioned pieces and 1 just because I loved it and couldn’t say no. Her work has brought a warmth to my home it is so vibrant and full of life.

Heidi is a joy to work with and we received updates from her along the way to ensure that we were on the same page and also that we would end up with the result we were looking for.

I can honestly say the work she has done for us is outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a unique gorgeous artwork without hesitation.

Kate Georgas

Beautiful artwork, beautiful person. Heidi is an amazing artist. So happy to have commissioned her to create work that is the centrepiece of our office boardroom.

Belinda Mason

Heidi’s work is absolutely stunning, every intricate detail she puts into her designs is immaculate. I especially love her resin art, the resin is a very difficult product to work with and Heidi creates incredible results every time.

Marnie Elbeling

I can now proudly say I own 3 paintings by Heidi. All in different styles and each unique and simply stunning. Her talent is beyond exceptional.

Gavin Walker

I am the very proud owner of 5 of Heidi’s artworks. They are all beautiful and unique in their own way just like Heidi. She is so talented and loves what she does and this comes through in her art. I absolutely love it!

Kate Georgas

Heidi is an insane artist, her pictures hang pride of place in my house. Everyone comments on the flamingo’s artwork, it’s stunning!

Camilla Hasloch