Women of the Wise Earth

As featured in the book “Women of the Wise Earth”

The 33 women who gathered to create this book come from a variety of backgrounds and have mountains of experience between them.


Heidi Lee is first and foremost an artist in the truest form. She uses primarily female energy and emotion as the focus of her work and is passionate about this aspect of her art and herself.

Continuously inspired by her spiritual life experiences and travels, she creates vibrant and powerful art, encompassing and reflecting all areas of her life.

Recently returning from Indonesia with her two young sons, Heidi Lee contributed a great deal of her time and talent co-creating works of art with disabled and orphan children. She helped raise in excess of $20,000AUD for the YPAC Orphanage, a charitable organization in Bali.

This experience has had a valuable and profound effect on her work and life. She now donates a percentage of her income from the sale of her art to various charitable organisations in order to give back to society in gratitude for the god-given gift of her talent in creating art.

Heidi contributed several artworks throughout ‘Women of the Wise Earth’.